Security Services

Video Surveillance

There are multiple options for video surveillance including closed circuit, monitored video, and cloud/wireless solutions. They all contain powerful features to meet specific requirements, budget, and deliver results that meet your needs.

Closed Circuit

The most widely used and requested systems are closed circuit. This is an onsite system consisting of a main recording unit and direct wiring to each camera. With adequate storage capacity and proper settings, footage can be saved for weeks or even months. Since this system is self-contained and viewable on a limited set of monitors it is referred to as a closed circuit system.

By connecting the main unit to the internet it makes it possible to remotely view the cameras on any compatible device.

Video Monitoring

Another solution is having an eye in the sky for you. A complete end-to-end remote guard and monitoring solution that delivers protection, after hours security, and complete reliance on Secure VU to watch your assets and property.

You can schedule and set it like you would an alarm system to protect via motion capture reviews, a guard check-in, or watch continuously.

Videofied products can be deployed quickly, are cost effective, and will reduce or eliminate false alarms.

Police responding to a verified alarm have a greater success rate in the apprehension of intruders.

Cloud Cameras

A cloud camera uses Wi-Fi for connectivity, powered by a battery and/or wired plug. Footage is recorded to the manufacturer’s remote storage and with a valid subscription you can gain access to cloud playback, as well as, many additional smart features. You do not always have to subscribe but it leads to an enhanced system that is well worth it.

Google Nest offers a lineup of reliable cameras and smart devices with abilities for face recognition, smart motion alerts, listen, and talk. When you pair these devices with a strong Wi-Fi connection you can convert any location to a smart system. You can automate control of your business thermostat to drop temperature when closed for the day and/or have your home’s exterior lights turn on from dusk to midnight. A subscription to a smart service can definitely be worth it when you get so many advanced features.

The hardest decision we see is which manufacturer to choose – Google/Alexa are the most compatible with other manufacturers and will give your home and/or business the most complete setup.

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Alarm systems & Life Safety

  • Smart Alarm Control and notifications
  • Burglary Alarm 24/7 Security Monitoring

  • Life Safety and Detection Monitoring

    Photoelectronic smoke and heat, Carbon monoxide, Flood Detection, Sump Pump detection, Panic Button

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Access Control

  • Take Control

    Take full control of your site with controlled entry, eliminate keys, track room entry and manage access into controlled rooms.

  • Door locks

    With access control you can upgrade readers with pin pads to eliminate key fobs all together, biometric security and assign open/close schedules.

  • Productivity

    Upgrade your business environment to enhance efficiency and security by staying up to date with who went where and when.

  • CDVI

    Top rated commercial access control equipment for all commercial sectors including but not limited to retail, office, industrial, cannabis, healthcare, institution, health care, storage facility.

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Additional Services

  • Pre-wire and Finish
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