AI Remote Guarding

Proactively deter crime and help secure your premises with live remote surveillance.

The Challenge

Maintaining security is a top priority for commercial property owners and managers. Ongoing criminal activity can raise costs, lower property values, and reduce demand, significantly affecting ROI.

The Solution

AI Remote guarding employs advanced technology, including surveillance cameras and real-time monitoring, to provide proactive security coverage. Trained security personnel remotely watch over the property, promptly responding to any suspicious activity. This proactive approach helps deter criminal incidents, minimize security risks, and safeguard both property values and ROI. It’s an effective and cost-efficient solution for maintaining a secure and safe commercial property environment.

Improved Response Time: With real-time monitoring, remote guarding ensures rapid response to security threats, reducing the potential for damage or loss.
Customized Security Plans: Remote guarding services can be tailored to the specific needs and vulnerabilities of your commercial property, enhancing overall security effectiveness.
Crime Deterrence: Remote guarding acts as a powerful deterrent to criminal activities, reducing the likelihood of break-ins, theft, vandalism, and trespassing.
Cost Efficiency: It offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional on-site security personnel, reducing labor and operational expenses.
Property Value Preservation: By minimizing security incidents, it helps maintain or increase property values, protecting your investment.
Reduced Liabilities: It lowers the risk of legal liabilities associated with security breaches, accidents, or incidents on your property.
Peace of Mind: Property owners and managers gain peace of mind knowing their commercial property is under constant watch, enhancing overall safety and security.

How it works

AI Remote Guarding is designed to be a unified, proactive security service which can identify, detect, deter, and respond to threats & emergencies in real time.

On-sight surveillance cameras send video to the cloud where our AI performs a threat assessment. 
In seconds our live Video Operators receive the video event, further evaluate the situation, and initiate the required response protocols. 
In rule violation & nonemergency situations operators use the voice down service to warn offenders @ the sight. During emergencies private armed guards, police and other first responders are immediately dispatched to the location.



SAVE 40-60% off traditional on-Site manned guard services.


Integrate your existing surveillance system with our service preserving legacy equipment investments & avoiding new camera installation costs.


Real time operator dispatch of tactical response teams & police during emergencies/events.


Trained video surveillance specialist monitor your properties video for site violations, intruders, suspicious activity, dangerous conditions and more.


Live voice broadcast from the central station operators into your property warns off potential intruders and engages persons found in breach


Benefit from system and operator generated daily/weekly/monthly incident and event reports with video


Access always on intelligent video analytics across all cameras e.g., object detection, classification (person, car animal, etc.) fast smart search and more


Enterprise class support with systems hot line and live chat.

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